Your branding speaks before you have a chance to,
    so make sure it represents you well.

Our goal is to create a clear visual identity for your business.
To merge your goals with our ideas and create a cohesive and successful brand identity.

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Reasons to use Merge Branding

You don't want to change your branding every year, so make sure your logo and website is timeless and functional for many years to come. Timeless design appeals to every demographic and is relevant through the ages.

Our pricing is relevant and realistic. We can adjust any design to suit your budget through the materials used and the time required. We pride ourselves on affordability while providing the highest quality service.

At Merge we believe in working with the client, merging your goals with our ideals to create the perfect brand that appeals to the right customer.

We know time is money, so we always aim to complete projects in the most efficient way, within the deadline and within budget.

We love learning, so we’re always on the lookout for the newest design trends, tools and strategies to help us improve the creation of your brand.

A functional brand is a successful business. Your customers need to recognize and remember you so that your brand can succeed in every way possible. That is our goal, to give you the tools and guidelines for a successful, cohesive and memorable brand.

Consistency is key when creating a relatable brand. People need to trust your message and relate to your core values and ideals. That is why our goal is to create a brand that attracts the right demographic and gives you the right guidelines to keep your brand consistent.

Graphic Designer Services. Pretoria.

What our clients say:

  • “We received a great logo that suits our brand perfectly. Would recommend Merge Branding to anyone wanting to improve their brand.”


    - Dalene Coetzer | Westvaal Resort

  • “Our designs were done according to what we needed in a logo and we were very happy with the final product. Merge is a company that gives good client service and is easy to work with.”


    - Hint Design Studio

  • “We were very happy with the final design of the logo. It suits our brand and demographic very well and it was great working with Merge Branding.”


    - Ivan Stoltz | Founder, Stoltzcore

Website Pricing Options

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Our studio offers professional graphic designer services:
logo design, web design, corporate stationery and business card design.

Graphic Design

Contact MERGE / branding today and take your brand, product or service to the next level. We are more than a branding studio – we are a creative team focusing on the growth of small and medium businesses.